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When you select your web management system, you’ll want to know that everything is where it should be.

shiftCMS ScreenCMS is an acronym for "content management system." Put simply, this technology liberates your web site from the IT department. Content management allows the people in your organization to augment your site "on the fly". This rapidly increases productivity and reduces expenses.

In selecting a content management system, you will want to employ a solution built to be intuitive and based on strong technological architecture. shiftCMS meets both of these needs.

Relying on a union of open-source technologies that share similar attributes makes shiftCMS both flexible and bulletproof. These robust technologies form the core of shiftCMS's scalable architecture. shiftCMS was built in a modular fashion allowing maximum adaptability and customization.


smashLAB's role as an Application Service Provider

Working with an Application Service Provider for your content management system allows you a number of freedoms not found in more template-driven portable solutions. Some clear advantages of this model include:

  • You are never forced to download, upload, or install anything
  • As new versions are released, you don't have to update anything
  • The system is administrated through one point, affording greater security
  • Your data is safe, protected by a multi-tiered backup strategy
  • It's easy to patch bugs as activity takes place on one single server
  • Client specific customization is standard

Loving the hotness

shiftCMS System Highlights

Scalable & modular

shiftCMS was built with the needs of a wide variety of organizations in mind. As such, the system allows unique modules to be custom developed for each client's needs.

W3C Compliance built-in

W3CAs you would expect from smashLAB, accessibility and adherence to standards is a key concern. As such, shiftCMS makes W3C compliance a standard. If your site is running on shiftCMS, you can rest assured that you are compliant. (And that's without sacrificing the visual design of your site!)

High-capacity DBMS

MySQLshiftCMS employs MySQL as its DBMS. The system is high capacity and acknowledged as an industry standard. Through its employment of ADODB, a variety of database management systems including Oracle® Database and Microsoft® SQL Server™ can alternatively be utilized.


Every time you change a file in your web site, SiteGuardian checks the site to ensure that links and references are updated immediately. SiteGuardian also sweeps your entire site regularly to check for oversize or missing images and broken links, notifying you of discrepancies and correcting them.

Open Source platform

PHPDeveloped with PHP, shiftCMS is a robust and flexible system. Widely used for dynamically generated web sites, PHP is fast, powerful, open source, and built specifically for the web. Further, shiftCMS relies on the Apache web server. Known for their speed, power and security, Apache web servers house the vast majority of sites on the internet.

Advanced management control

Administrators will appreciate shiftCMS's ability to precisely regulate users, groups and permissions. Any level of access can be controlled. For example, you can assign a single user permission to edit all aspects of the site, and limit another to just one line of text. You take full control.

Safe and secure

It's important to maintain a record of site modifications. shiftCMS allows administrators to review an audit-trail of staff log-ins, and activities. Managers can also employ content approval functions to ensure accurate content changes.