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The skinny on shiftCMS

You are likely pretty sick of all the stories regarding content management. We all are a little bit tired of it. So, why shiftCMS? Simple. It does what it’s supposed to. It’s simple, intuitive, and easy to integrate.

This isn’t software with an identity-crisis. shift doesn’t try to do things it wasn’t built for. It isn’t for managing contacts, time-tracking, or any other unrelated task. It simply allows you to edit your web site as rapidly and easily as possible.

How shift works (in a nutshell)

Open your browser. Login. Find what you want to change. Click edit. Make your change. Hit save. That’s it. We think that’s about as easy as it gets. You’ll be impressed too. That said, if you want to learn more, we suggest starting here:

Why it rules

Tips for a better web site

Tips for a better web site

You have a web site and you're really excited about it. All of your friends tell you that it’s great, and your family thinks it’s neat too. You look at it and smile for the first few weeks. The tough part is that a month has passed, and you aren’t sure what it’s doing for your business.
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Jeff Paquin commenting on shiftCMS

“shiftCMS helps us make the most of our site”

Jeff Paquin and the people at RemoteLaw are going gangbusters with their econveyance™ system. To help spread the word, they asked smashLAB to develop a site, and implement a system that would make it easy for them to make changes. Of course, that system is shiftCMS.
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Article - Why you need a CMS

Why you need a CMS

Odds are you are a busy person. Most people who run companies are. Your web presence is important to your organization, and so is your promise to keep content current and accurate. That’s just one more job in a long list of things that have to be accomplished every day. You want to manage your web site in the most efficient way...
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How shiftCMS is getting better

How shiftCMS is getting better

People who use shiftCMS love it, and it keeps improving. Development of shift keeps becoming more exciting, as the application becomes more intuitive and powerful all the time. In recent months, shift’s upgrades have included better linking tools, new safeguards to minimize risk of user error, as well as new rapid development tools.
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