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10 Tips to a better web site
How shiftCMS is getting better
Why you need a CMS


This whole CMS thing might seem a little overwhelming.
Let us try to help with some more information.

All of this talk of technology and content management may seem like an awful lot to take in. There are hundreds of content management systems on the market. Discerning the strengths of one over another can become a little daunting. Use this section to link up with some information specifically on shiftCMS and what the people at smashLAB suggest. Also, you can use some of the external links to bolster your knowledge of content management in general.


shiftCMS related information and smashLAB articles

10 Tips to a better web site - A quick review of ideas to keep your site relevant and useful
How shiftCMS is getting better - Highlight of features in shiftCMS version 1.7
Why you need a CMS - The reasons for content management are numerous

External articles

So, what is a content management system? - A nice review of content management
CMS to Mature in 2004 - Content Management seen as a "must have" in enterprise software
CA Backs Open Source CMS With Zope - Industry leaders invest significantly in open-source

Technology Resources

Red Hat Linux - One of the leaders in open-source development
Apache Web Server - The most widely implemented server on the web
MySQL Database Server - Used the world over to power high-volume sites
PHP Web Scripting Language - The web-friendly scripting language employed in shiftCMS