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How shiftCMS is getting better

It's easy to take a break. Making better stuff is certainly no day at the beach. At smashLAB, the focus for shiftCMS has been to address user needs, instead of delivering endless lists of improvements. Most modifications to the application are virtually seamless. Users simply wake up one morning and find new tools at their fingertips.

That said, it's probably a good idea to look at how shiftCMS works to meet your needs better. Following is a short review of the advancements available in the latest version of shiftCMS

  • Automatically rewrites non-compliant HTML to meet W3C standards
  • Improved linking tools make the process of populating your site even more intuitive
  • Significantly restructured and streamlined architecture results in seamless function
  • Nested Content Tool allows you to rapidly share elements and content between pages
  • SiteGuardian enhancements anticipate user errors and minimize common oversights and errors
  • Improved file management capabilities
  • Image constraint feature maintains consistency and reduces novice user mistakes
  • Enhance to support XHTLM and CSS based sites
  • Integrated DOM (Document Object Model) Browser enhances user control

And that's just version 1.7. Wait 'til you see what we have cooking for shiftCMS 2!

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