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Why you need a Content Management System (CMS)

For most users, content management affords them the ability to modify their web site internally. Most times they aren't working with complex aspects of the site - very few people actually want to play with design / development issues. That being said, the ability to add news stories, upload images, and change contact info is not an ability that most companies can afford to be without. Consider these quick points in favor of employing a content management system.


It's nice to be in the driver's seat

When you have a major announcement, or something changes in your organization, do you really want to wait for an external party to deliver the news? Content management's most gratifying feature is that it allows you control of your own web property. If something comes up at two in the morning, you can change it all, right then, in real-time.


Save both hard expenses and "people-power" costs

By using your site as a primary method of disseminating information, you can minimize the costs of printing documents by easily adding and amending them digitally. Also, you can cut postage costs by using the site to distribute digital versions of newsletters, updates and white papers. A CMS is also a great plate to manage a central repository of highly accessed documents. This will help you minimize transmission and coordination costs. (i.e. make logos, photos and media information accessible 24/7 at the click of a link.)


Allocate resources more efficiently

Designers and developers are not inexpensive people to employ. Relying on these professionals for minor content changes is a poor use funds. By allocating internal resources to make simple changes to your site you can keep your online marketing costs in check. Plus, these additional resources allow you to utilize your external design / development team for what they are truly best at - enhancing the site's functionality and effectiveness.


Let your site grow

Would you leave a billboard up with the same ad for ten years? Of course not. So, why do so many groups leave their site as it is for months at a time? We suspect it is because they aren't employing a CMS. When it's easy to make changes to your site, you are way more likely to do it. Plus, this allows your site to grow into a resource. A CMS helps you integrates your site into daily operations. Web properties that function like resources truly harness the usefulness and flexibility that the web is suited for.


There are many reasons to employ a content management system. Depending on the size and nature of your organization, you are likely to find additional advantages for employing such a solution. That being said, the notes here highlight the benefits that nearly all users will enjoy.


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